How to improve eye vision

How to improve eye vision

How to improve eye vision? To improve your eyesight and get rid of spectacles naturally, you need to develop habits of clear vision and break bad habits of poor eyesight.

The secret to improving eye vision

In life, the result does not come from one, two, or 3 actions instantly. Real valuable things in life are achieved through regular actions. For example, education or even human relationships, do not develop in a week. They are built over the years. The same with vision training. You teach yourself to put in a little effort every day. You train your psyche to create discipline. A month passes, two or three, and you begin to notice improvements in vision and gain confidence in your vision.

You understand consistency and daily effort are the key to a clear vision. This applies to all areas of life. To grow a YouTube channel, to train in the gym, to start a business. Regular repetition of eye exercises creates a gradual, cumulative effect and you will achieve results.

How to improve eye vision

What causes low eye vision

What can cause low eye vision? The leading cause of eyesight deterioration is overstrained eye muscles because people can stare at a screen for a long time without conscious rest. Static work of the eyes is the strain of eye muscles, the retina gets tired, and eyesight decreases. When for example, we walk on the streets and do not look at our phones, our eyes get rest, and accommodation of the eyes is working. Regular walking in the fresh air is a comfortable environment for the eyes and training of various eye functions, such as focusing on different distances.

How to improve eye vision 5 Tips

Eyes need periodical rest

1 Thing to get better eyesight, we need to give our eyes rest periods. For example, we look at a phone for 1 minute and then 10 seconds looking somewhere else far for our eyes to focus at a different distance. This must be implemented as a habit to get better eyesight. Even small rest can tremendously reduce eye strain.

The first step to improve your vision naturally is guided meditation for facial muscles relaxation on my channel. You need to listen to it for about 3 months to develop a habit to relax your facial muscles and eye muscles before bed and during the day.

Regular soft blinking

2 We need to learn soft blinking every second during screen time at least. Better to blink always it helps to focus and gives the eyes rest. It`s like our heart. For example, it`s work, then micro relaxation. Eyes can work much longer and do not get tired if we bling often.

Eliminate accommodative spasms to improve eye vision

3 If you already got a spasm of accommodation which is myopia or hyperopia. You need to come out of the spasm to renew the ability of the eyes to focus. You can listen to meditation for facial muscles relaxation to learn to relax your facial muscles and eye muscles.

Sviaton eye exercises for eye muscle flexibility

4 You can find on my channel the 3 best exercises for myopia or the 3 best exercises for hyperopia to learn to stretch spasmodic eye muscles. As soon your eye muscles will come out of a spasmodic state your eyes will be able to focus far or near. No more than 1 repetition of each eye exercise. Sviaton Exercises to heal myopia video on my channel can help you to get rid of myopia naturally. That is what really works and is a proven process of natural vision recovery.

Circle eye exercise

5 You need to draw on a wall a circle around 1 ā€“ 2 meters in diameter so you can look around the contour of the circle 1 repetition on each side to stabilize your eye muscle. You can find the video on my channel about this exercise.

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