Amazing Ukrainian Eye Exercises To Recover Your Eyesight Permanently

Amazing Ukrainian Secret Eye Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight Permanently

Amazing Ukrainian Secret Eye Exercises To Improve Your Eyesight Permanently. In this article, I want to reveal the secret of champions to you. One of the main secrets of eye exercises, and especially this secret, is relevant and vital for people with some kind of severe cases in which it is impossible to do exercises for the eyes, retinal detachment, or just surgery or inflammation.

Amazing Ukrainian Eye Exercises To Recover Your Eyesight Permanently

Well, they can’t do exercises for the eyes, or for some time and this is especially important for them. This secret is in ideomotor exercises

 What are ideomotor eye exercises

Ideomotor movement – an idea of ​​some kind of movement

I’ll explain a little. For example, for a boxer to gain just one punch, he must make 10,000 movements for this movement to become habitual and automatic.

 If the boxer does it wrong, without the guidance of a more experienced mentor, he will make these 10,000 movements, then he will remember the wrong move, and then it is difficult to retrain. It will be very difficult to get it correctly, not either strong enough or not reactive enough or some other incorrect characteristics.

To avoid such mistakes in the practice of improving and restoring vision, you can use imaginary movements.

Circular eye rolling exercise explained

Ukrainian Secret Eye Exercises you can do it now. Let’s make a circle first, make a circle with your eyes in one direction and a circle in the other now with your eyes a circle.

Notice that the circle of your eyes is uneven with some deflections, with some slips, somewhere you were normally doing somewhere skipped a section, and so on. Maybe you didn’t pay attention to it

 You can make a circle in one direction and also make a circle with your eyes in the other direction.

 Why do these slips and bumps when eye rolling

 Everything is very simple, some muscles of the eye are spasmodic and they do not allow you to make a clear movement in the place where they are spasmodic and do not allow you to make a clear, precise movement, they either make a slip or make an unevenness or something else.

How to do ideomotor eye exercises correctly

How to do ideomotor eye exercises correctly

They are simple exercises for ideo-motor skills. You close your eyes and in your imagination, do not move your eyes, but under closed eyelids, but very clearly imagine as if you are making a circle, but your task is to make a perfect circle, you can make a perfect circle in your imagination it’s not difficult, and you will understand it.

The secret of Ideomotor Eye exercises

Some even in their imagination, make an uneven circle, because they make precisely the same as they do with their eyes, but in your imagination, you don’t have muscle limitations.

Knowing this, you can make a perfect circle close your eyes, and do a perfect circle, don’t rush, and just make a perfect circle without moving your eyes under your eyelids.

The eyes are still remembered. You imagine as if the eyes are moving and as if they are making a perfect circle.

Make such a circle 3 times and each time they will get more precise and better. then make such a circle in the opposite direction, it will also turn out clearer and better strive to do this.

The circle is perfectly even and beautiful, and it can be made very small or you can make it bigger, you can make it large.

The Mechanics of Ideomotor Eye Exercises

Ideomotor exercises involve visualization and concentration techniques designed to strengthen the eye muscles and improve coordination. By envisioning clear and sharp images, you stimulate the eye muscles, helping them function optimally.

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The Benefits of Ideomotor Eye Exercises

Enhanced Focus: Ideomotor exercises help you concentrate on specific visual targets, improving your ability to focus on both near and distant objects.

Better Eye Muscle Control: These exercises can enhance the coordination of your eye muscles, which is crucial for accurate tracking and depth perception.

Reduced Eye Strain: By strengthening your eye muscles, ideomotor exercises can reduce eye strain, especially for those who spend extended hours in front of screens.

Consistency in Eye Training Is the Key

Like any exercise regimen, the effectiveness of ideomotor eye exercises depends on consistent practice. Incorporating these exercises into your daily routine and being patient with the process can yield lasting improvements in your vision.


Ukrainian Secret Eye Exercises – Ideomotor eye exercises offer a holistic and natural approach to achieving permanent vision improvement. If you’re seeking to improve your vision permanently, consider adding ideomotor eye exercises to your eye care routine, and enjoy the potential benefits they can bring to your visual clarity and comfort.

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