How To Improve My Eyesight Naturally

How To Improve My Eyesight

How To Improve My Eyesight? Let’s do a slight stretch of the eye muscles to improve eyesight and change the vision habits a little.

How To Improve My Eyesight Naturally

What are visual behaviors? During life, we ​​have some visual behavior and have earned habits of visual behavior, and now we are a little bit going to change these patterns and this behavior. Now we will change our visual behavior, that is, our stereotypes. How I improved my eyesight.

How To Improve My Eyesight

Sviaton Eye Exercises to Improve My Eyesight

Let’s start with this, sit down straight. Your head is straight, not tilted either here or there, not forward and backward, it is evenly straight and your eyes are also looking straight evenly

Sviaton Eye Exercises to Improve My Eyesight

1 exercise

Now your head and nose start to turn to the right and at the same time your eyes begin to turn to the left

2 exercise

Vice versa in antiphase. Move your head slowly to the left and your eyes to the right

Write in the comments so that I understand that you were able to do something like that when the head rotated in one direction and the eyes in the other.

3 Now we do the following exercise, it is also easy

 We also put our heads straight evenly, our eyes also look forward and we move our eyes up and we move our head down in the opposite way. Very gently and slowly.

We close our eyes for 10 seconds and rest and imagine how our eyes and eye muscles relax.

Circular eye rotation to stabilize eye muscle

We make a rotation with our eyes along the contour of the circle clockwise 1 time and counterclockwise 1 time.

The next exercise helped me get rid of myopia. This is a very effective and very important step-by-step exercise

Diagonal stretching of the oblique eye muscles

Diagonal stretching of the oblique eye muscles for myopia treatment

1 We slowly move our gaze to the upper left corner and move our head to the lower right corner.

2 Now, on the contrary, we move the gaze to the lower right corner and lead the head to the upper left corner.

3 We slowly move our gaze to the upper right corner and lower our head to the lower left corner.

4 We look in the lower left corner and we lead the head to the upper right corner.

The eyes are straining, we need to rest. Close your eyes for 10 seconds and imagine your eyes relaxing.

This is an exercise to change the patterns of visual behavior of the eyes. The brain starts to work well and think what are you doing, amazing

Therefore, you are doing a transformation and restructuring of neural connections included in these eye exercises they start to develop.

 Start creating a new combination and this allows us to change visual behavior.

How to improve my eyesight Holistically with eye training course Eyesight Academy

How to improve my eyesight Holistically with eye training course Eyesight Academy

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Advanced-level eye exercises to improve eyesight

Advanced level eye exercises to improve eyesight

Let’s move on to a more difficult exercise to stabilize the eye muscles after stretching

We again put our heads in the middle position and try to draw our eyes in a circle

the head does not move with the eyes, so try to relax clockwise 1 time and counterclockwise 1 time.

You may have slipped in a circle. You should draw a circle on the wall and move your gaze along it in a relaxed way.

now at first, you can close your eyes just to remember the motor head reactions and turn your head clockwise and move your eyes counterclockwise.

Now in the other direction, turn your head counterclockwise and move your eyes clockwise.

This is a very, very good exercise. It may not immediately it will turn out; it’s not scary, so don’t be upset a little bit in one attempt not earlier than after 1 hour you can try.

Get a little practice and learn how to do it

Glasses must be removed.

Relaxing eye exercise Dynamic movements

Relaxing eye exercise Dynamic movements

We will now do a relaxing eye exercise excellent exercise.

You can close your eyes and follow my instructions, lower your shoulders, and relax

The exercise was difficult; it gave a certain tension and must be dropped.

Your shoulders relax your head a little bit soft soft. Move to the right and to the left direction and on the other side very gently, eyes closed. Feel the muscle tension if it goes away somewhere

You can feel it, and now you have such a slightly relaxed state. Now you gently tilt your head together with the body to the right – to the left

Softly so that it is very, very pleasant for you, and now the head is like a boat or like a boat on a wave on such pleasant waves on such small waves it sways from one side to the other and finds such a pleasant swaying that could last forever so that you feel very good

it’s nice to do such a swing. The wiggle doesn’t stop moving on, and you imagine the eyes swaying too.

Your head is like a boat on the waves, and your eyes, like sailors in hammocks, sleep and sway to one side and the other, pleasantly in opposition. Much less sway nice

All attention is on the sensations in the eyes you will feel the eyes sway and relax.

We take a deep breath very well, we transfer our attention to the fact that the head has become clear and clean, and as we exhale, pleasantly blinking, we open our eyes and return from swaying.

The eyes should rest, and the vision should improve a little because we have changed our visual behavior and because gave the eyes a rest

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